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Dover to Gatwick Taxi | Airport Transfer


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Dover to Gatwick Taxi | Airport Transfer

The Service

We have always strived to fulfil every passenger’s travel needs, and we continue to do so even in these testing times. We have a wide range of cars and other vehicles for you to choose from, ensuring that you get a vehicle that serves your purpose. With our reliable drivers, who work in an efficient and timely manner, you don’t need to worry about being late to your destination. We assure you that travelling with our services will be a comfortable and unforgettable experience.

Ever since the catastrophic COVID-19 outbreak hit us, we have been taking extra precautionary steps to control virus transmission speeds. Our vehicles are both cleaned and sanitised before and post-ride. The staff and drivers at Britway always aspire to enhance your experience with us. The temperatures of our drivers and possible COVID-19 symptoms are regularly tested, thus ensuring your safety during these difficult times.

Booking with us is a seamless process, and you will not face any issues when getting a ride to your destination. There are multiple ways to book the trip, you can visit the website from an Andriod/Apple device or even with your laptops/PCs. You can even call us to make the booking. All our drivers are experienced and have been tested to be the best people for the job so that your journey with Britway is comfortable and safe.

Airport Taxi Transfer between Gatwick Airport and Dover

The journey from Dover to Gatwick is quite long, and that’s why some people may prefer using trains or buses for their journeys. However, we have excellent services and can make sure that you reach on time as well, no matter how far or close the journey might be.

There are many drawbacks to using public transport over long journeys that a taxi service will completely solve. For example, public transport only functions during their specific times, but with a cab, you can choose when you want to travel. Booking a ride with Britway is always a safer option so as to not feel anxious later.

The distance from Dover to Gatwick is 78.5 miles.

The time it will take you for a journey between Dover and Gatwick

We also want to make things as simple as possible when we talk about making the travel as easy and convenient as possible. Our drivers always bear in mind that a journey should not take the passenger any more time than is needed. When one travels by train and the bus takes up to 3 hours, it can take about 1 hour and 20 minutes. 

But the time for this journey can be reduced to just 1 hour and 15 minutes with a personal taxi, as our drivers always pick the routes with the least traffic and congestion.

Cost of our service

The cost of our services are always kept as low as possible. We take into account any fares should be fair to customers and our services should provide them with the most convenient and secure experience ever. We take many safety measures against Coronavirus too, without any extra charges. We have also made the reservation process as straightforward as possible in order to satisfy passengers with the value they get for their money. Even if the trip is very long, such as the one from Dover to Gatwick, one will find that the prices are fair.

The journey From Dover to Gatwick will cost you approximately £97.00.

Gatwick – At a glance

Gatwick airport is sometimes referred to as London Gatwick. It is one of the main airports located south of Central London but is unique compared to the other airports, as it has all three types of aircraft operating to and from it, full service, low-cost and charter. Although it has two runways, it serves as a single-runway airport since only one of them is used at a a time.

The airport security is taken care of by the district police of Sussex. The police handle the security of the airport, the aircraft and sometimes even when the aircraft is flying.

Gatwick – A look back at the history

The grounds on which Gatwick Airport rests was first developed as an aerodrome in the late 1920s. The first terminal of the airport, which is called the Beehive, was constructed in 1935 while the first flight that took off from Gatwick airport was in 1933.  The year after that, services for passengers were started at Gatwick Airport. In spite of the services at the airport starting early, most of the building and construction of the airport started in 1950 and it was all designed by Yorke Rosenberg  Mardall.

In the 1960s, British United Airways (BUA) and Dan-Air were some of the biggest independent airlines from Gatwick. BUA offered highly scheduled services and Dan-Air provided inclusive tour charter services.

The airport is now operated by British Airways with approximately 56 airlines and has transported over 45 million passengers, 60 years since the formal opening of Gatwick Airport by Queen Elizabeth II.

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