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Windsor to Gatwick Taxi | Airport Transfer


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Windsor to Gatwick Taxi | Airport Transfer

The Service

At Britway, we consistently strive to achieve the best services for our customers, especially in terms of comfort and safety. Even as the worldwide pandemic is going on, we have been working tirelessly to offer the safest travel options out there for everyone. We have a wide range of different vehicles for all our services, so you can pick the best option for your individual travel requirements. We also ensure that the passengers who travel with us always reach their destination on time, so that their journeys are completely stress free.

Since the pandemic has been going on, we have been very cautious to not contribute to the spread of the virus while continuing to provide our services to those in need. We sanitise our vehicles fully before and after each transfer, test the health of our workers and drivers, and make it compulsory for them to follow all safety guidelines. These steps are all carried out to mini mise viral spread and to give you peace of mind when you travel with us.

With the Britway website your bookings are just a few clicks away. You can even email or call us to complete your reservations, making the booking process easy for everyone. Our drivers are very experienced and knowledgeable, selected through a meticulous process to ensure safe travel for all passengers.

Airport Taxi Transfer between Gatwick Airport and Windsor

The journey from Windsor to Gatwick is not the longest as the two locations are quite close to each other. There are a lot of trains and buses that run frequently on this route, and a lot of people do opt to use those services rather than a taxi. However, travelling via public transport has become quite risky at the present, because of Coronavirus.

There are a lot of other issues that arise from using public transport that can be solved by travelling in a cab as well. For example, if you are travelling with a lot of luggage, it can be difficult to change train and bus routes. In most situations, it is best book a private taxi in advance to avoid facing last-minute travel issues. The distance from Windsor to Gatwick is approximately 41 miles.

The time it will take you for a journey between Windsor and Gatwick

Passengers always have to be on time, and we take punctuality very seriously. It is important to get the customers to their destination on time, so as to not delay their journey any further. When one takes the journey from Windsor to Gatwick by train, it takes about an hour and a half and it takes almost 3 hours by bus.

With Britway, the travel can be reduced up to around 40-50 minutes as our drivers have knowledge of the area in terms of the traffic congestion at any particular time of the day. They also know the best routes to reach Gatwick from Windsor.


Cost of our services

We like to keep the cost of our services minimal and fair to our customers, which is why you’ll find that we offer lower prices than our competitors.  There are no hidden costs, we don’t charge extra for COVID-19 safety measures or waiting time, and you will always have a comfortable ride. Travelling with Britway could not be any easier. We also offer various discounts and offers throughout the year, making it even cheaper to travel with us. The trip from Windsor to Gatwick will cost you approximately £65.00.

Gatwick – At a glance

Gatwick airport is also known as London Gatwick and is one of the busiest and sizeable airports in Britain. It has all kinds of aircraft flying from it, which makes it a very versatile one. Because of the sheer size and capacity of the airport, it has two runways so there is always a stand-by runway in case of any problems. Security of the airport is taken care of by the Police of Sussex and extends to all the aeroplanes as well, both when they’re flying and on the ground.


Gatwick – A look back at the history

The airport was initially constructed on a previous aerodrome structure in 1920. The first aeroplane that was permitted to fly was from a terminal called Beehive in 1935, but most of the construction took place after that with designing by Yorke Rosenberg Mardall in 1950.

British Airway now not only owns but also operates the day-to-day functions of the airport. It has connections with up to 56 airlines that run within Gatwick airport. Approximately 45 million passengers have flown via Gatwick to and from different parts of the world in the last 60 years that it has been functioning.

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