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Birmingham to Heathrow Taxi | Airport Transfer


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Birmingham to Heathrow Taxi | Airport Transfer

The Service

We understand that there can be many issues one faces while travelling, especially in these challenging times. That is why we pay extra attention and go the extra mile to provide you with a travelling experience, not just comfortable but also worthwhile. We also take strides to keep you safe from the ongoing pandemic with various measures. Apart from that, we have a wide variety of vehicles that are all in excellent condition to avoid breaking down in the middle of a trip.

There are many ways that one can travel. However,Britway brings to the table expertise about driving, the best routes, knowledge about how long it takes to reach where and know-how of applications and technology that help aid a journey and make it faster and more efficient. One can travel anywhere via public transport, but with us, you have the advantage of last-minute booking and travel and that too, hassle-free. Journeys with us are much more as you can make the booking whenever you want. 

We have also been very cautious regarding the spread of COVID-19 as we want to be responsible for our passengers’ health and our drivers and working staff. We sanitise our vehicles very often and make sure that they are contamination free. We also make sure we do not make the drivers take more than 1-2 trips per day because that would mean more mingling and might spread the virus even more. 

Airport Taxi Transfer between Birmingham and Heathrow Airport

One could travel anywhere in Britain with the help of the public transport system in place, but sometimes it doesn’t provide the convenience you’re looking for. You cannot plan last-minute journeys relying on public transport, and when you do, there’s a lot of planning that will be required. From Birmingham to Heathrow, which is 120 miles away at max, it is best to take a taxi.

Even from a safety point of view, a personal cab is the better option, as safety is guaranteed. Taxis are much safer because a passenger has to interact and contact a much smaller number of people. 

The distance from Birmingham to Heathrow is from 114 miles to 120 miles depending on the route one decided to take.


The time it will take you for a journey between Birmingham to Heathrow. 

The two spots Birmingham to Heathrow are a bit far, so it takes some amount of time to get from one place to the other. We can guarantee you will not be late for your destination because we aim to get our passengers to their destinations on time. We have skilled drivers and can keep up with how traffic is and choose the best route while also being efficient and fast.

The travel from Birmingham to Heathrow will take you anywhere between an hour and 47 minutes to two hours. While travelling with Britway though, you might cover the distance in just an hour and a half.


Cost of our services

One more thing that we try to be minimal and reasonable with is our prices. We make sure that the prices are fair for our passengers not to feel like they are paying too much. Upon researching, we’ll also notice that we offer the service at the lowest prices than other taxi services.

The journey from Birmingham to Heathrow will cost you about £139.00.


Heathrow – At a glance

Heathrow is a huge airport and has been running for the past 74 years. It has grown in every aspect since it started. Every day, people fly from all over the world and come to Heathrow airport as a stepping stone for their journeys.

To make the passengers comfortable, the airport has many amenities like prayer rooms, hotels and transportation. Security is another aspect of the airport where a lot of effort has been made to make the passengers feel safe when travelling and reaching the airport. It is the responsibility of various wings of the metropolitan police.


Heathrow – A look back at the history

Everyone at some point, whether they are from London or not, has heard of Heathrow airport at some point in their lives. That is because Heathrow airport is a vast and popular airport in London and all around the globe. Although the airport is quite famous, not everyone knows about its history too much. Heathrow opened about 74 years ago and was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II. It was started in a construction that was first an RAF Heston base, which was no longer needed after World War II ended. 

It was not always known as Heathrow. The first name given to it was London airport, and it was only renamed in 1966. After it was made, it changed a lot in every aspect, and its administration has changed. It is now owned by British Airways and has served over a billion years in the past 70 years.

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