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Coventry to Heathrow Taxi | Airport Transfer


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Coventry to Heathrow Taxi | Airport Transfer

We have over 10 years of experience in the taxi transfer industry at Britway, and we have come a long way to know exactly what our customer deserves. We aim to provide our customers with a reliable, fast and hassle-free journey. As a result of this ongoing pandemic, we have had to implement travel limitations on our services in order to make your journey safe with us. One of these being the fact that our drivers are now only allowed to undertake 2-3 transfers per day, in order to reduce virus exposure and transmission.


Our drivers also keep themselves aware of the new restrictions and rules, while we do our part by monitoring their health at regular intervals. In accordance with the government COVID-19 protocols, our customers will be required to wear masks and follow the social distancing rules when using our services.


Our new website is now ready to help you with all your travel needs. You can book your transfer from anywhere and choose your desired destination and pickup location. With the variety of cars that we offer, you have the liberty to choose the perfect vehicle for your transfer. All our cars are licensed and authorised for customer transfers. If you have any questions or additional requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Airport Taxi transfer from Coventry to Heathrow

Coventry University is known for providing high-quality education and is one of the proud modern universities in the UK. Coventry is also home to the famous Warwick University.The distance between Coventry and Heathrow Airport is 95 miles, and are many options to travel this route. Train travel may prove cheaper, but to travel at any given time of the day, we recommend you choose a private taxi service. Booking your travel with Britway will also eliminate any safety worries, take you to your destination with time to spare, and allow you to travel with comfort and style, all for a reasonable rate.


How long does a taxi journey from Coventry to Heathrow take?


With our private transfer services, you will reach Heathrow in about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Our drivers always pick the most suitable routes that avoid excessive traffic congestion to minimise your time on the road.


Cost of the journey

Our services are preferred all around the UK, and we are known as the cheapest and most affordable taxi transfer option. With Britway, our customers are not required to pay any extra charges for waiting time or for the extra COVID-19 safety measures we are currently implementing. However, please note that we will charge for parking.


Our standard charges start from £118.00 for transfers from Coventry to Heathrow. This will also change depending on the type or model of car that you choose when booking. We also offer a lot of discounts and special packages for our returning customers.


Heathrow Summary


Heathrow Airport is known as the busiest airport in the UK, located in Hillingdon, Greater London. Every year, millions of passengers fly to and from Heathrow in over 80 aeroplanes. Heathrow Airport serves over 185 destinations around the world.


Heathrow Airport maintains a secure environment by employing Metropolitan Police aviation units, as well as through the use of a newly installed drone detection system. Other types of security have known to be used occasionally too, such as the army and armoured vehicles. At present, Heathrow Airport also has full-body scanners.


The airport has other facilities available as well, such as public transport, private transport, airport hotels and inter-terminal transport.

Heathrow History


Heathrow Airport’s history can be traced back to 1930, which was when a plot of 150-acre owned by the Vicar of Harmondsworth was bought by Richard Fairey. Fairey, who was a British aero engineer and aircraft builder, used the plot to build a base for testing and assembling aircraft. This airfield was named Fairey’s Great West Aerodrome.


During World War II, the government used this land for building RAF Heston, particularly for troop-carrying aircraft. After the war, the Air Ministry took ownership of the land and used it as London’s civil airport in 1946, initially named London Airport, before its name was changed to Heathrow. 


The first aeroplane that took off from Heathrow Airport was a Lancaster bomber, named Starlight. Heathrow Airport has achieved a lot of changes over the years, leading to changes in services, operations and passenger numbers. In 2006, Heathrow Airport served about a billion passengers and a million flights. British architect Frederick Gibberd was hired to build and design the terminals and central area buildings. He also designed the prayer rooms. Terminal 5 was inaugurated in 2008 by Her Majesty The Queen. Terminal 2 was inaugurated for business in 2014 and United Airlines became part of Heathrow Airport in the same year. Surprisingly, Heathrow does not have a Terminal 1 anymore, as it was closed in 2015.  

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