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Dover to Heathrow Taxi | Airport Transfer


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Dover to Heathrow Taxi | Airport Transfer

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At Britway, we have taken up extreme responsibility to offer the safest private transfer services for our customers to their destinations during this pandemic. It has indeed become a risk to travel, due to COVID-19, resulting in the travel restrictions imposed by the government. But cooperating as a society and following the protocols, we can all make travelling during COVID-19 possible and successful. 

To reduce the chances of infection further, and for your own safety, we will require you to wear a mask, keep hand sanitisers handy and follow all the government COVID-19 protocols.

We employ authorised vehicles, which are cleaned and disinfected after each trip. Our drivers cooperate with us while we monitor their health and temperature daily, and are also known for their humble and polite approach to our customers. Our drivers are also limited to only 2-3 transfers a day to further minimise exposure and transmission rates.

Our services can be now booked on the official website. This is a simple process and will help you to choose your car type, model and destination for your travel. We employ 4-seaters, 6-seaters and 8-seaters. If you face any issue while booking, please don’t hesitate to call us or email us. Our services are available for you round the clock.


Taxi transfer between Dover and Heathrow

Distance from Dover to Heathrow

The UK’s coastal town Dover is a beautiful place, first built by the Romans. The town’s employment is mostly provided by tourism. Dover is 100 miles away from Heathrow Airport, and direct public transport between Heathrow Airport and Dover is scarce. However, you can take the bus and train to reach your destination from Dover. While some public transport services will prove to be cheaper and faster, with our Britway private taxi service you can still find reasonable, better value-for-money deals. A private taxi service will be hassle-free for you especially if you are travelling with kids or extra luggage. Additionally, you will not have to worry about missing your bus or train, or have to wait for your travel with a private taxi service. 


How long does a taxi journey from Dover to Heathrow take?

Without any traffic congestion, your travel from Dover to Heathrow Airport should be around 2 hours . You will mostly find traffic congestion during weekdays, which is why if you are travelling on weekdays you will need to plan and book your journey accordingly.

How much will the journey cost?

Britway private transfer services are known for its affordable, as well as reasonable, rates. We offer simple reservation procedures and we don’t charge our customers for any extra waiting time. Our services also come with discounts and great deals.

Your travel from Dover to Heathrow Airport will cost you about £126.00, which is our starting rate. However, depending on the choice of your travel and model of car, the rate may increase.


A little about Heathrow 

Heathrow Airport, previously known as London Airport, is a famous international airport. It is effectively the busiest airport in the UK. Heathrow Airport serves around 72 million passengers every year. 80 aircraft, both national and international, fly to over 180 destinations around the world. 

You will always find tight security at Heathrow Airport. The usual security includes aviation units by Metropolitan Police and drone detection. Additional security includes the army and armoured vehicles. Furthermore, Heathrow has other facilities available to the public, such as prayer rooms, counselling rooms, hotels and transportation.

The history 

The land where Heathrow stands proudly today was a mere 150-acre plot owned by the Vicar of Harmondsworth. Richard Fairey, who was a british aeroengineer, bought this land and made an airbase for testing and building aircraft. This was named as Fairey’s Great West Aerodrome. The UK government then requisitioned this land, as well as the surrounding lands, during World War II to make RAF Heston. This served as a base for troop-carrying aircraft. 

The same airbase was later handed over to the Air Ministry after the war, and they developed this airbase into London’s first civil airport. The first aircraft to take off from the civil airport was a Lancaster bomber named Starlight. In 1966, London Airport was renamed to Heathrow Airport, as we know it today.

Heathrow Airport has undergone a lot of changes over the years to be one of the major international airports today. The services, passenger numbers, and operations at the airport have changed drastically. By the year 2006, it had handled over 1 billion passengers across over 14 million flights. 

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