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For Cash Bookings , We require 45% initial Deposit of total booking amount for your booking Confirmation.

Heathrow to Bedford Transfer



The Service

As a company that likes to aid people travelling, we have tried not to get affected by the ongoing pandemic and still strive to provide excellent services to many passengers. We pay great attention to detail and clean the vehicles after every trip to ensure that the passengers are safe. Apart from that, our prices are low and reasonable so that everyone can travel without going out of their budget.

The vehicles we have are in excellent condition and run very well. We run tests on them now and then to make sure that no failure happens mid-way on a journey. Apart from that, we have many vehicles to ensure that the customer gets exactly the car they need. We try to give the best experience to the customers regarding the time we take for the journeys. 

For COVID-19 precautionary measures, we have been very particular in following all the guidelines to minimise the virus’s spread. We have even instructed all the drivers to take only two trips per day to reduce the spread as much as we can. It is essential to take all the precautions, and we know our responsibility towards society, which is why we try to do the most we can. 


Airport Taxi Transfer between Heathrow Airport and Bedford

One could take many ways for the journey from Heathrow to Bedford. There are also trains and buses in place, which are great options for travelling.  However, if you want increased flexibility in travel in terms of time and convenience, consider taking a private taxi. That is because you can make your booking even last minute and at the time you want without worrying about planning.

Another thing that is great about travelling in a taxi and not in public transport is safety where you exposed only to a lesser number of people. The distance from Heathrow to Bedford, which is 59 miles to 64 miles, will be much more convenient for you with Britway as we pay attention to every aspect of travel and make sure that you have the best experience.


The time it will take you for a journey between Heathrow to Bedford. 

We appreciate every passenger choosing us and try to give them our best services in terms of the best cars and drivers. We aim to get every passenger to their destinations, and our past passengers prove that. We give our full knowledge about the fastest routes and traffic congestion and tools to navigate routes and traffic.

We can cover the distance from Heathrow to Bedford in about 3-5 hours if you are travelling in the night, but with our expertise, you can between the two spots in less than two hours.


Cost of our services

With us, you do not have to worry about overpaying for the services that do not cost that much. We have very reasonable prices for all the trips no matter how lengthy or short. The journey from Heathrow to Bedford will cost you about £77.00.


Heathrow – At a glance


Heathrow is a large airport with many amenities such as a hotel, transport facilities, and many faiths’ prayer rooms. The airport has served more than a billion passengers since Queen Elizabeth II opened and inaugurated it.

The Metropolitan police took care of the security and its various wings for the travellers’ safety. The airport has a perfect security system and is impeccable along with being efficient.


Heathrow – A look back at the history

The history of the airport goes back to 70 years and is rather eventful. It is an airport which was built on an abandoned airbase that was used in World War II. The UK government didn’t need the RAF Heston anymore, and the ministry of air acquired it to be transformed into a civil airport.

It wasn’t always known as Heathrow airport though, it was at first named as the London airport and was renamed in 1966. The first plane to ever take off from the airport was a transformed Lancaster bomber that was a leftover from the war.

The airport has existed for about 74 years now and served many travellers over the years.

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